V Three Sports Enterprise 








Established on 1st October 2007, V Three Sports Enterprise (formerly known as V Three Victory Enterprise) is one of the leading wholesalers and distributors for a wide range of sports goods and equipments, specializing in Volleyball, training equipments, Track & Field, sports shoes and more.



A registered house brand serves as a benchmark in the team apparel industry for years, whose goals are to provide quality sportswear at the best possible prices. V3 offers a full range of designs, as well as manufacturing services.


V3  also provides clubs, representative teams, schools, and organizations with all their clothing and equipment requirements. We have custom design uniforms with exciting new styles and fabrics texture that will certainly set your team apart from the others and at the same time, deliver great audience appeal. Your team will definitely look professional both on and off the court or field.









Malaysia V3 Sports Club, formed under V3, specialize in organizing sports events, seminars, sports clinics, courses, and others especially to encourage participation in the sport of volleyball. It is done through by providing well run local and international competitions, quality coaching and instruction, and social activities in a friendly environment.