Some of our sponsorships:


Broadening the Possibilities of Sports

What can V3 contribute through sport? What role do we have to play?

V3's social contribution policy basically reflects its Corporate Philosophy. We strongly believe that sports and sports business should play essential roles in ensuring that people can enjoy safe, healthy and active life styles. With this in mind, V3 seeks to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) by contributing to local society through the advancement of sportwear, introducing sporting goods and the promotion of sports, especially in volleyball.


As an official sponsor of many volleyball competitions, V3 provided official sportswear to the officials and technical crew and prizes to the winners. V3 also provided training and competition sportswear to Malaysia national and MSSMalaysia volleyball teams. V3 has been also delivering gear and clothing to Johore Combined Schools (MSSJ) volleyball athletes since 2008.