A leading distributor for many top international brands of sports equipment, specializing in Volleyball, Track & Field, sports training equipment, sports footwear and more.


Founded V3, a registered house brand serves as a benchmark in the team apparel industry for years. Our goal is to provide ultimate quality sportswear at the best possible prices.


Fulfil its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) through the promotion of sports, especially in volleyball training, seminars, clinics, courses, tournaments etc.

V3 Sportswear

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You will find playing jersey, shorts, tights, track bottom, socks, cap etc

Volleyball Equipment

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You will find volleyball equipment

Sports Equipment

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You will find many other sports equipment


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You will find volleyball coaching, tournament, CSR contribution & club activity 

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Johor, Malaysia.


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Our Team

We strongly believe that sports and sports business should play an essential role in ensuring that people can enjoy safe, healthy and active lifestyles. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone to achieve his/her goals. 


At V3, we get you the best, even it’s not easy! 

Loh Ai Min

Founder & CEO

Yong Le

Marketing & Sales




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