V3 is a brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

We have designed for you the ultimate premium sportswear with the best fabric we can possibly find.


Our clothing is designed to be ActivWear

We are committed to deliver you the active lifestyle, durable, comfortable and stylish outfits which define and challenge the sporting apparel realm.


We also provide clubs and schools with various top international branded sports equipment, footwear and other accessory requirement.


At V3, we get you the best, even it’s not easy!

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Victory Honor Enterprise (V3 Sports)

V3 sports was established in 2007 with a mission to provide ultimate premium quality sportswear and sports equipment to the masses. We manufacture and market fine quality, maximum comfort V3 sportswear and distribute wide range of international branded sports equipment for various sports, specializing in Volleyball, Track & Field, sports training equipment, sports footwear and more.


V3 Sportwear


V3, a registered house brand serves as a Malaysian sports apparel benchmark for years, especially in the volleyball sportswear industry.


We have evolved into a renowned brand name in the sportswear industry. We place great emphasis in preserving our high quality and in exceeding industry standards by using high performance fabrics for all our apparel.


We offer custom design and manufacturing services with fabrics texture that will certainly set your team apart from the others and at the same time, deliver great audience appeal. Your team will definitely look professional both on and off the court.


Our specialty lies in customization - catering to our clients' specific needs and styles. This attention to individual requirements has widened our portfolio to company and corporate functions. With major clients like the Malaysia volleyball national teams, state volleyball teams and various clubs, you can rely on us to provide the best and most exciting offerings that sports apparel can provide. 


Sports Equipment


We sell superior quality & distribute many top international brands of sports equipment & footwear to schools, representative teams and organizations.


Corporate Social Responsibilities


Fulfil its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) through the promotion of sports, especially in volleyball training, seminars, clinics, courses, tournaments etc.


Corporate Philosophy

Broadening the Possibilities of Sports


What can V3 contribute through sports?

What role do we have to play?


V3's social contribution policy basically reflects its Corporate Philosophy. We strongly believe that sports and sports business should play essential roles in ensuring that people can enjoy safe, healthy and active lifestyles. With this in mind, V3 seeks to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) by contributing to local society through the advancement of sportwear, introducing sporting goods and the promotion of sports, especially in volleyball.


Our Belief 




An individual or organization must have a VISION, VERSATILE enough to handle changes, and to sustain VIGOROUS efforts toward achieving goal.


The 7 Pillars of V I C T O R Y in sports




A success or triumph or the ultimate and decisive superior position achieved against any opponent, opposition, difficulty, etc. in a battle, contest, game, or any other competition.


We believe that the V I C T O R Y: VISIONARY, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, TOLERANCE, OPTIMISTIC, RESPECT & YES are the 7 pillars that provide strength and support to hold up VICTORY in sports.